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We're thrilled you're here and that you're on your way to building your automated 1099 payments operations solution. Here you’ll find comprehensive information for integrating with Gig Wage and our API endpoints. We'll cover everything you need to get up and running quickly.


Gig Wage is a secure and customizable 1099 payroll operations product that you can seamlessly integrate into your product. With Gig Wage, you can manage payments and tax filings from your business or your business customers to your individual or vendor contractors.

With Gig Wage, you can process single or batch payments to any bank account or debit card that your independent contractors want to be paid to. You can also manage your tax compliance and obligations for W-9 collection and 1099 e-filing.

Ways you can set up Gig Wage

Gig Wage is flexible enough for you to pick and choose how you want to integrate to build your ideal experience. The way you design your integration depends on who you are, and what services you plan on implementing.

Who you are

  1. Business - Businesses set up their business then process payments and e-file taxes to individual contractors or vendor contractors.
  2. Partner - Some partnership integrations go one step further and allow for the creation of businesses within their infrastructure. Partner businesses can process payments and calculate and e-file taxes. Partners might be B2B2C product companies or two-sided marketplaces. Gig Wage helps partners expand their product offering with game-changing functionality, and offer the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream.

How to use Gig Wage

  1. Payments only - If you already have a tax solution and only want to process payments with us.
  2. Tax only - If you already have a payments solution but filing your taxes is hard, integrating with our API can considerably reduce your burden during tax season.
  3. Payments + Tax - If you need both a payments and tax solution for your contractors, our API can keep you compliant and making payments all year long.

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We get that building a full 1099 workforce solution can be daunting at first, but trust us, it's easier than you think! We're here any time to answer any question, so leverage our knowledge to help you build your solution faster. If you get stuck, reach out to support.

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