Default Payment Account Configuration

When you set up a Gig Wage account either on Sandbox or Production, we will default your account to have specific features. You can contact [email protected] or reach out in your Gig Wage shared Slack channel to request changes to these account settings. If you don't have a Slack channel set up with our Gig Wage team yet, request access.

Default account settings

  1. Business account: Your account is configured to be a single business making payments. If you'd like to change to a Partner account and make payments on behalf of many businesses, contact support to update your account.
  2. We default payments to the fastest available option. If a contractor has a debit card linked, we'll send instant payments. If a contractor only has a bank account linked, we'll send payments through ACH (which takes 2-3 days)
  3. Gig Wage will send Gig Wage emails to your contractors when they are paid. On Sandbox, emails will only go to a whitelisted domain.

Other features you can request access to

  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Payment notifications
  3. Increase the payment amount limits
  4. Suppress contractor emails
  5. Enforce 2FA

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